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2014 Year of the Chariot Horse Achievement by Self-Coaching

Part 2


We are excited to announce the new Oracle deck from James Wanless.

Sustain Yourself Cards & Handbook to Live Well & Live Long is a 101 card deck and book set exploring the eco-principles of life to create your unique “sustain-abilities” to create a Whole Life and be Happy, Healthy, Holy, and Wealthy.

You can also get a Sustain Card-of-the Day by following @SustainOracle on Twitter!


Yo Ho! James has an exciting announcement! He recently recorded two guided meditations called “The Fortune Formula – Having It All! The Golden Rules of Manifestation Magic.” The audio download is live. It’ll be for 20% off for two weeks. For more details , click here.


The Card-A-Day feature has returned! Check it out and see what the Voyager Tarot has to share with you.


If you’re interested in booking a reading with James, please click here to contact him!

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